This Worker ticket is for an individual who is 18+years old and has been asked to help contribute to the smooth running of camp on behalf of a youth community by working at least four hours per day on assigned camp duties (kitchen/sports etc). 

As part of the ticketing process, you must register to attend camp with a local youth community. Please make sure the key leader of that community has engaged you as a worker before purchasing this ticket - please also expect to be police-vetted as part of their screening process.

Workers must be trustworthy, reliable, respect the values and rules of camp as outlined in the Workers' Manual - please make sure you have read this ahead of purchasing your ticket. 

As the purchaser of this ticket, you must accept the terms and conditions of camp, agree to the rules of camp and digitally sign the rego form.

Tickets have QR codes and are sent out in bulk after each price cut-off period. This is to allow time for all tickets to be checked and approved, and for your leader to get in touch with you where needed as part of the approval process.

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Regular price$115.00
GST included.

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