donate now to guarantee easter camp's future
Donate to EC

Donate to EC

You would be surprised how much it costs to NOT run a camp, thanks for nothing #covid! 

Though we didn’t get to host Northern Easter Camp this year, naturally we have spent the best part of a year planning for camp and have fixed costs we have to cover, whether camp goes ahead or not.

We’ve explored every avenue to recover these costs, including funding and grants, and have come up short - and that’s where you come in. 

We know times are tough and tricky out there right now - however, if you are in the position to financially help us, we would love you to donate to the future and longevity of camp by helping cover our costs. 

This is the first time we have officially ever asked for people to donate and also the first time we have had such an obvious need for help. 

Easter Camps have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of youth over the years in positive ways, encouraging them towards hope and healing in Jesus. We hope it continue offering this hope in the future, but we need your help and investment to do so. 

Note: A donation tax receipt will be sent at the end of our financial year for IRD donation rebate purposes. 

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