What to Bring.


It’s always handy to have a list for packing for camp. This list has been compiled by a camp veteran - so you’re in good hands. 

  • Clothes, duh! Pretty important. We know you’ll want to pack your best threads... but add some you won’t mind getting dusty and sweaty - it gets hot at camp.
  • Also warm clothes! It’s the Waikato, the nights get cold brrr.
  • Undies - no one wants to forget those...and enough for 5 days - and chuck in a few extra. We all do it.  
  • Something to sleep on - decisions, decisions. You might opt for the mattress or the camping bed? Sleeping bag or duvet? Just make sure you bring something to get you off the cold, hard ground. Chat to your leader about the tenting arrangements for your group.
  • Toiletries - hygiene is important. Like, critical. Make sure you’ve packed deodorant too - when the shower lines are too long, 'shower in a can' is a game changer.
  • Bible and notebook - you will want to take notes, the talks are FIRE! And if you don’t have a bible, that’s okay! They are available at camp. We want every young person to have access to the WORD!
  • Togs - there is a mudpit bo! But make sure they aren’t your favourite ones...they probably won’t be the same after.
  • Costume! There is always a dress-up party and this year it’s a ball! So dust out your fancy threads for a night on the dance floor. 
  • Corona-bits - we know. Super bored of it too but safer communities together. Bring a few face masks and some personal hand sanitiser.
  • This is an optional extra: Camp has awesome stores and a cafe! Save up some pocket money to get merch and some coffee in the am, or some cheeky donuts while you watch the bin jumping in the village!