Safety at Camp.

important things to know.


Easter Camp is all about the fun, the friends, the faith and the bin jumping...yup, we know that’s a crowd favourite every year! But fun also means safe - so these are some key rules you need to know for EC22:

~ Camp is a drug and alcohol free zone. No exceptions. Besides, you don’t need them to have fun because there’s so many things happening at camp!

~ Fires are dangerous, please don’t light them. If there is a fire in the main pavilion, we assemble at the tenting area - and if that’s on fire, we go to the sports field. We only want to be on fire for Jesus (spiritually speaking).

~ The bible has something to say about stealing, and we think the same. It’s not cool. So if it’s not yours, leave it alone. 

~ Tents belonging to the opposite sex are out of bounds. The only exception is if you have a ring on it, and not a burger ring, the legit marriage one. 

~ There’s no swimming in the river at any time. But we have a mud pit - that’s awesome!

~ Camp shuts down at 12am each night. You gotta catch some zzz to keep having all the good times at camp. 

~ Coming to the main sessions and small groups are a must - this is where you hear from epic speakers, have epic times in worship and team games!

~ We take security very seriously and your safety is our priority. You can only leave camp with a pre-organised Gate Pass that must be approved by your group leader ahead of camp. 

~ We don’t give out day passes, and besides, you’d want to stay longer than a day if you came!

~ If serious things happen at camp, we need to know and we’ve got the forms. We assess all activities to minimise risk and injury but you need to not be an egg either. Look after each other. Don't do anything which may put yourself or others at risk of harm.

~ Most importantly - have fun! We know it can seem cliché , but we want camp to be an epic time for you! 

Got questions?

Given the uncertain times we are in, it is natural you may have questions about how our large event may be run. Feel free to jot them here and we will do our best to answer them.

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