Get your ticket, join your group, pack for camp!

WHO is easter camp for?

Northern Easter Camp is open to high-school-aged youth (generally 13-18 years old) from youth communities in the Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne regions.

Buy a ticket, join a group

Parents are responsible for purchasing a ticket for their child and, as part of this, register to attend camp with a local youth community.

Youth communities do all of camp life together including tenting, eating and joining in on the programme and activities. This is to ensure no young person does camp alone - we want all campers to be part of community and looked after by people who know and care for them.

We can get you in touch with the nearest group to you if your child does not already belong to a youth group - their group leader will have a chat with you about how to get your child connected to their group ahead of camp.

How does ticketing work?

buy a ticket

When you buy a ticket on our website, you will also fill out a rego form that provides all the details we need to look after you/your child for the 5-day event. You will 'register with a youth group' as part of this process.


The leader of your group will receive your rego, check all the details and send you an approval email. At this point, you/your child is officially registered for camp with your youth community - wahoo!

tickets sent

Tickets have QR codes and are sent out in bulk after each price cut-off period. This is to allow time for all tickets to be checked and approved, and for group leaders to get in touch with you where needed.

hold ya horses

tickets go on sale late jan

If you want a heads-up when our tix are ready to drop, sign up to our mailing list down there in the footer bo.