Info For Parents.


Ahead of purchasing a ticket/s for camp, you need to know which youth community you or your child are coming to camp with.

Though we sell individual tickets, you/your child must join a youth community as part of your registration. This is to ensure no young person does camp alone. We want all campers to be part of community and looked after by people who know and care for them.

If you/your child do not belong to a youth group or community group that is coming to camp, we will need to get you plugged into one. Just email, telling us whereabouts you live, and we will give you some contact details for youth leaders in your area.

Note: the youth leader will need to approve your registration ahead of camp and may be in touch with you during that approval process. Thus it is important that all the details you supply on the rego form are correct.


Firstly, make sure you have read about our our 3-step ticketing process so you understand how ticketing works.

Parents are responsible for purchasing a ticket for their child and, as part of this, register to attend camp with a local youth community.

Once you know which tickets you need to buy, you can add them to the cart, including completing a registration (rego) form for each camper. The form provides all the details we need to look after you/your child for the 5-day event including dietary requirements, any medical requirements and emergency contacts.

As part of your order, you can also add merchandise for your camper/s (e.g. tees and hoodies) - these will not be shipped out to you ahead of time but will be available for pickup at the Merch Tent at camp. Note: merch is not for pre-order until February.

Once you have paid for your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email - this is not the ticket.

Once your group leader has approved your registration into their group, you will be emailed a registration confirmation email- this is still not the ticket.

Once your cutoff period has passed, you will be emailed your ticket/s, as per the below:

~ Tickets purchased before the Earlybird cutoff (Sunday 19 February 10pm) will be emailed to you by Sunday 25 February and then again 1 week out from camp.

~ Tickets purchased before the Regular cutoff (Sunday 19 March 10pm) will be emailed to you by Sunday 26 March and then again 1 week out from camp.

~ Tickets purchased before the regos close deadline (Sunday 2 April 10pm) will be emailed to you the week beginning Monday 3 April 2023.

No tickets will be sold online after 10pm Sunday 2 April 2023 - if you/your child want to register for camp as a last minute camper, you will need to contact your youth leader to make arrangements.

If you haven't received your ticket via by the due dates specified above, please contact


Even though Easter Camp is primarily for teenagers, in some cases it is necessary for you or your leaders who are parents to bring their children to camp.

Any ticket for a child aged 0-12 years old must be purchased by a parent or guardian over 18 years old, as per our privacy policy.

As part of the ticketing process, a child must be registered to attend camp with a local youth community. Please make sure the youth group you are joining knows of your child before purchasing this ticket.

We know it can be tough for parents to balance looking after young people while watching their own kids so we provide a childrens’ programme during the morning meeting times (unfortunately this programme is unable to cater for children younger than 3 years old).

For safety reasons, we can’t have children wandering around the site unsupervised, so if children are not in the programme, they will need to be looked after by their parents. Parents need to indicate on the ticket rego form whether a child will be enrolling in the children's programme or not.

Got Questions?

If you’ve got questions about your group at camp, have a chat to your group leader.

Otherwise, if you’ve got any additional questions about Easter Camp or need to contact us for anything else please fill.

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