A Day at Camp.

What does a day at camp look like?

The sun starts to light up your tent. You wonder what the time is because the light has been streaming in since 5am. But it’s 7am and you make your way over to the food tent for breakfast - you... and like 500 other people at the same time. Then it’s time to get ready for the day, maybe hightail it to the showers or just go to brush your teeth.

Before the morning session begins you might take a village walk with your friends and then head over to the main pavilion for epic worship, awesome speakers and loads of other fun things. After the main session you head back to your youth group for small group time as a way to reconnect and chat about what stood out to you that morning.  

By that point, the hunger pangs return and you all head to the food tent for lunch. This year we promise, no more lies. There will be pie (EC23 crew will get that). After your mean feed, the arvo is just filled with endless possibilities. Mudpit, and sports games, seminars, workshops, blow ups and village hangs. 

After all that mix of fun it’s time for dinner! Maaaaan bring on nacho night already! 
Another village stroll, and then it’s time for the evening session. Again, awesome worship, fire talks and a bit of camp rivalry going down in tribal wars. 

Once the evening session is over, there’s so many things on the go. God may have been stirring in your heart and you want to go debrief with a leader, camp has a beautiful space for this that you can use after the sessions. It might be a dance party night, or some soak worship, or you can watch the talent quest performers. 

And when the clock strikes 12, the lights go down as you prepare for another epic day! There is never a dull moment at EC!